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Every nature was once a second nature, veteran guides will tell you. Instincts aren’t born, but are earned in the hard hours between dawn and dusk. Swinging an ax, knowing your ropes, navigating the harbor or tracking through a snowstorm, these things come from putting in time, and mastering the everyday. It’s old hand stuff. Get it done.

Montana grown, USA spun, knit and sewn.

Duckworth is a Montana source-verified wool company. We use 100% Helle Rambouillet merino, grown in a natural environment, raised on mountain pasture, and processed and built 100% in the USA.

Open Range Wool - at 9500’ elevation, the specific conditions of the Montana Rockies grow the world’s best wool. Dry hot summers and freezing cold winters shape a soft, durable fiber with exceptional loft and breathability. Mulesing sheep is not practiced in Montana.

Source-Verified - this is a key difference between Duckworth and all wool brands sourced outside of the USA. We make our own goods from our own Helle Rambouillet merino, we don’t source them. This is increasingly important as wool now travels farther than ever before it meets your body. At Duckworth, knowing and using what’s in our own backyard is what really counts.

100% Made in USA – Grown in Montana, our wool fibers travel to the Carolinas (once a world powerhouse for textiles) for spinning, knitting and sewing to our strict standards, creating an impeccable final product. Resurrecting the lost art and craft of American wool is our objective.